CDG entertainment (CDGe)

We’ve been producing live action quality sh.. stuff for years and we’re excited that these past few years have landed us where we’re at today. We’re still in Santa Monica we’re just expanding the arena. In 2019 we’re opening a new an exciting post house cdg-post, CDGe’s in-house post house from creation to completion.

Can a post house be exciting? I guess, why not.

CDGe is also moving into the motion GFX & VFX arena and we’re liking it. Our in-house motion gfx design artists mix very well with the talented freelancers bringing only the best quality to the table. As we get acclimated to the gfx/vfx water we’ve teamed up with some veterans in this field. Gfx/vfx companies like Charlie Company and Filmwerks FX, who are two amazing teams and we’re fortunate to have them on our court.

Over the years CDGe has developed some great relationships and by combining these relationships and resources gives us an edge to facilitate what ever a project requires and do it all under one roof. This helps keep overcoat low and revenue high. We like to call this producing 101.

Our production savoy team, our talented directors, who aren’t so production savoy but they’re so damn creative, and toss in our creative but wacky production space and this house becomes an island of misfits toys, a little off, but still very playable.

There’s nothing we can’t do and besides we have fun doing it!

We are now an A to Z creative production company servicing southern California and the entire United States…Hell we’ll go international if needed!

Please visit our news page for all updated and current news regarding our projects and schedules.

CDGe thanks you for your consideration and hopefully we will build a long lasting working relationship.