2018 coming to a close 12-20-2018

This year has been a fun ride as the CDG’s plate was full and yes we ate it all up. We completed over a dozen production related projects in 2018 and we’re proud at this number but we’re more proud of the relationships that have been developed while producing these projects.

View the list of credits below and please read a few email responses from a few of our clients.

dun & bradstreet – On Line Marketing Videos - #1 - Compliance Check/#2 - Credit Advantage/#3 - Credit Family/#4 - Credit Manager

Calix ConneXions Conference 2018 Promo

Calix Meet the Millers 2018 - The Series

Calix Meet the Millers 2018 - Photography

Calix PR/HR Promo Video 2018

Calix ConneXions Conference 2018 - Opening Videos/Innovation Awards/Tittles

Calix Webinar December 2018

Calix ConneXions Conference 2019 Promo

Calix Sales & Service Leaders Kick Off Promo 2019

Calix GigaSpere Tower - Product Table Top Shoot

Steven Gilfenbain Video

Prudential Link In - Internal Marketing Video

Positive Emails from Clients/Cast/Crew/Vendors

Christopher Gourlay