2018 q4 news

CDG Entertainment News, November 5th, 2018

Last week I had a meeting with our Clients and they couldn't stop talking about the shows design and media content. They said the buzz around the office is pure love over all the videos and the show's overall experience. They like them so much that they are finding other ways to use them. We killed it! thank you all!

We just returned from the Calix ConnecXions Conference 2018 @ the Wynn Las Vegas Resort & Casino and I'm very pleased to say it was a huge success.

Decision Counsel awarded CDG entertainment to produce the media content for the 2018 Calix ConneXions Conference. The show’s main openers for both days, show’s recap videos, keynote speakers titles and motion graphics and video content for kios throughout the Wynn. The CDG team was on site for on the fly produced segments for the show and technical support.

We are very proud to have teamed up with the amazing team of Charlie Co. who knocked it out of the park with their motion graphic designs and creative skills. Great Experience, Thank you Charlie Co. Team.

This year we set out to elevate the Calix ConnecXions Conference 2018 experience to a whole new level and we did! We all contributed to make the Calix ConnecXions Conference 2018 an A1 first class production.

Great Job to all!

Currently we're cutting together the show's promo video, a highlight reel of this years show. This is going to be fun!

Calix ConnecXions Conference 2018 - Show Opening Videos 


Produced by: CDG entertainment

Creative Directors: Tom TJ Walker & Christopher Gourlay

Producers: Jim Stoddard, Jacob Silver, Robert Jarrin & Christopher Gourlay

Editor: Yoshio Kohashi

Graphic Designs created by: Charlie Company - Creative Director, Chris Pagani, Producers, Eric Badros & Hilary Handy.



We shot Calix's The Miller Family series videos for the conference and the Millers are quickly becoming a household name. Fun stuff with this shoot and a great crew.

CDG entertainment was delighted to have the creative directing and DPing skills of Dan Hertzog who brought in a great team.

We are very proud of these videos and the experience we all had.

Thank you Team!

The Miller Family


Produced by CDG entertainment

Creative Directors: Tom TJ Walker & Christopher Gourlay

Producers: Jim Stoddard & Christopher Gourlay

Director/DP: Dan Hertzog

Editor Yoshio Kohashi

Christopher Gourlay