Calix Internal Summit Meeting Promo Video

Decision Counsel & CDG Entertainment have teamed up again to produce a spot for Calix’s Annual 2019 Summit Meeting.

Decision Counsel has asked CDG Entertainment to produce a video that will be shown at a series of regional summits in 2019. The summits will update customers on Calix products. The objective of the summits is to create confidence in and fan the need for Calix’s latest products.

The goal of the video is to introduce the summit and give customers a sense of the competition, subscriber expectations and the success that other Calix customers have achieved using Calix products.

We were very excited to produce this video. Decision Counsel and Calix gave us the guide lines but really let us do what we do best. We approached it more like a national commercial spot as opposed to talking heads.


Its your Time

Creative Directors: Christopher Gourlay, Yoshio Kohashi and Anthony Vachris.

Written by Anthony Vachris,

Producers Sal Fluentas, Brad Yung and Christopher Gourlay.

Christopher Gourlay