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When working in a town that’s surrounded with work and then you realize there’s so many of us chaceing after that work trying to succeed or just trying to manage through life. No matter where you started you always know what your dreams and hopes are when working in the television and film industry. It’s an industry that offers so much opportunity by offering son many different positions to excel in.

Weather you’re an actor looking for that big break, or a DP looking for his breakout film, or a production assistant figuring out what direction they want to go. The Film and Television Industry lays out the red carpet for all.

We’re fortunate and then again were cursed for being a part of this industry. What ever it is it’s one hell of a business.

There’s a saying that if you grew up on a farm in the middle of Missouri it’s likly you’re going to be a farmer. If you grew up and your family comes from a line of painters you’re probably going to be a painter. When growing up in Burbank and/or Hollywood you’re probably gonna be in show business in one facet or another.

I’m very forunate to have been raised in Burbank/Hollywood.

The road has been long but I hope the road ahead is a longer one. What I mean by that is I wouldn’t change the ups and downs of this industry for anything. It gives me hope, it give me strength and it takes it all of it away…LOL AHHH Show Biz!

My point which isn’t really a point but it’s to show how if you just keep going you’ll get to the town. It might not be the right town but you’ll make the best of it and move to the next one. The film and Television Industry has many towns and it’s still giving me opportunities.

A guy who was once a grip truck driver working in a warehouse for lighting equipment company is now owner of a Hollywood Entertainment Company (Actually were located in Santa Monica, same thing) and is producing national and world wide TV and Internet Spots.

Thank you Show Biz

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It all started when…

…I received a call from my current client and he stated he was working with a new company and some exciting things were to come. He asked if I could take on a project that needed to be delivered in four weeks. I said “Hum Go on”. He continued to explain that he needed ten three minutes videos to be produced in time to play during a conference in Las Vegas. I said to myself, “ten three minutes scripts wow that’s a lot ”…I said to him, ” Hummm Go On”. He continued explaining the situation and presented me with the scripts. After I had reviewed I said to him “this looks pretty ambitious”. He said “I know”. I asked him, just to be clear, what the exact ask was…so I asked him ”ok to be completely clear, you want ten three minutes videos to be produced in four weeks”. He said “Yes”. I said “Hummmmmmm…Let me be more clear, you want CDG to prep, shoot, post ten three minute scripted videos with a full cast, in two days, go into post, edit all ten three minutes videos, audio and final mix and deliver in four weeks?”…He said “Yes” I said “OK we’ll do it”…Yes we pulled it off with huge success and in a first class manner. The audience was entertained and the clients were extremely impressed with the outcome.

Three years later we’re producing more and more projects together as a team. We learned and will always be learning that anything and everything is possible and can be done. There just has to be a more creative way to produce content. There are so many different elements and ways to go about production. If you know what you have to work with and what the parameters are then you’re able to fill the positions with the proper elements required to get a first class production produced. The above project should have been turned down and a few companies actually said this to me, “this is impossible to get done in the time needed”.

I feel because CDG’s production experience has a wide range of productions under our belts is why we were able to put together the team to complete the project on time on budget and done in a first class style. The above project was a huge success, not only because we took on a challenge and conquered it, it was because three years later I’m working with the same client.

We are excited to be working in this arena and only see a brighter future ahead. Let us help and work together as a team to enhance and elevate your company, your brand, your product!