Christopher gourlay

producer / director

Christopher Gourlay has been involved with the film and television industry for over twenty-five years, with fifteen of those years spent producing both large and low budget productions. (films, reality shows, network specials, national and regional commercials, web content and network original shows promos)

Over the past few years Christopher's been producing various live action shoots and internal spots for the online streaming company Hulu. He’s also worked with Nickelodeon, National Geographic Channel, Wells Fargo Corporate Video Production, Snapdragon Films & Havas Edge, MMA Double Date Packing and many others.

Christopher also wears the Director's hat very well with an excelent eye for detail and has a grea repor with talent, crew and clients. Directing has always been the focus and passion for Christopher and when given the opportunity you'll see why most of his projects are approved first round with minimal changes if any. Christopher's currently in pre production on a short film titled "The Deck".