Gala goliani

director / producer

Gala has directed multi-cam live comedy, travel, and music spots for RTS (the biggest public TV station in Serbia) as well as MTV Adria - which has taken her all over France, Serbia, Russia, amongst other countries. Recently, since she's now based in LA, she has shadowed comedy director Linda Mendoza when she directed episodes for another Jeff Morton-produced show “LA to Vegas”, the sister show to “Modern Family”.

Her peers would say that her body of work is diverse and that she fully embraces the genre and tone distinct to a specific project. Dry humor can be brought to life in very visual ways and with cutting to the right moment, especially when breaking the fourth wall. There’s a disarming quality in doing so that catches the viewer off-guard, thus tightening the comedic subtext of what is being said and how the other person reacts to the action.