Jim Stoddard

Head of Production

Jim Stoddard is a personable, loyal, dedicated, hard working, detail oriented industry professional with a 20-year background of film, television, commercials, and digital media. Jim has worked in traditional media since 1999. His career began at MTV, and since then he has worked with networks and companies such as Spike TV, Hulu, Lionsgate, Sony, NBCUniversal, WGAW, and Nickelodeon, on scores of television shows, features, commercials, award shows, and music videos.

In addition to his established media experience, Jim has spent the past several years trying to comprehend and navigate the colliding worlds of traditional and digital landscapes, including the rapidly evolving business affairs of digital talent, subscribers, analytics, and competing digital platforms. Since 2014, Jim has been in charge of 4 different YouTube channels, including serving as Head of Digital Production for Fine Brothers Entertainment and The REACT Channel, which comprises millions of subscribers, and countless hours of scripted and unscripted programming. Jim has been involved with digital media since the early days of web shows. Working with Big Fantastic in 2008, Jim produced 2 full web series incorporating 90 episodes between the shows.

Jim has experience with all aspects of physical production, as well as working side by side with creatives, legal and management to provide the best solutions that benefit all involved. Jim has been involved in high profile negotiations, and he has a thorough understanding of best business practices, judicious planning, and a mind built for meticulous budgeting and scheduling. Along with his years of industry experience and knowledge, Jim is a really nice person who works well with others. He loves to lead and advise, always mindful of the delicate balance between business and creative aspects of production.