Ken Locsmandi



Founded by Ken Locsmandi in 2001, Filmworks/FX, Inc. is a boutique visual effects company that boasts a DIY attitude and an underdog spirit. Our unique team of talented artists maintains a world-class work ethic: we are multitaskers in a multifaceted environment with the highest of standards for the quality content we produce.

With a range of experience on such films as The Matrix, Fight Club, and The Cell, Ken created Filmworks/FX, Inc. and immediately began generating visual effects for major studios, which continues to this day: the company has since contributed to such projects as Geostorm, Aztec Warrior, House of Cards, Blue Bloods, Gone Girl, Bag of Bones, Red Riding Hood, The Tourist, Knight and Day, Date Night, The Watch, Hitchcock, as well many others.

Filmworks/FX, Inc. has a rich history in film post-production: we are one of the few facilities in the world to have had both digital and analog workflows, including our own motion picture film laboratory. We regularly serviced the commercial and independent film markets for film processing telecine, and our laboratory was recognized within the top three most accurate color film labs in California by the Kodak certification program. In 2007, with the advent of digital cameras and the use of film diminishing, we closed the film laboratory and put the emphasis back on digital visual effects.

In 2012, while performing visual effects on the feature film Apocalypto, directed by Mel Gibson, Filmworks/FX, Inc. formed an alliance with 424 Post, an Academy Award nominated sound editorial, design and mixing facility that accomplished the sound for the project. The two companies currently share a facility in Culver City, California, where we offer a full-service post-production experience under one roof: sound editorial, design, mix, picture editorial, color correction, visual effects and film finishing.

2014 was an exciting year for Filmworks/FX, Inc.: the company expanded its efforts to television and opened a facility in New York. Within our first year, we completed nearly 3000 visual effects shots on the top ten television series Blue Bloods. Since then, our New York office has continued its work on Blue Bloods, while adding the SundanceTV channel show Hap and Leonard as well as CBS's Limitless to its roster.