Robin roemer


Photographer, DP, art director, producer based in LA. I shoot entertainment and music/lifestyle/food. Co-founder and Owner of Scheme Machine Studios.


Renee Bowen



In 2015, she co-founded SEEN Magazine and is Creative Editor – providing content and editorials for the quarterly magazine.

Renee has been featured on Rock The Shot as a celebrity mentor, Seniorologie, Senior Style Guide, 100 Layer Cake and many other blogs/publications where she lends her expertise.   As much as Renee loves teaching others, she also operates a highly successful business and is booked 6 months in advance year round.

Gianni a. neiviller


I've spent an entire lifetime looking through a different lens. Born & raised in Los Angeles, I draw my inspiration from the colorful people and vastly different cultures that populate this magnificent place. I've seen a lot of people come and go, and what I've learned is everyone who comes here comes to make a statement. From the fresh face actor to the seasoned immigrant.

Jason Flynn


Photographer Jason Flynn's inspiration grows from beautiful light, compelling design and unique perspectives. His passion for the lens began as a kid, when his dad would share post-family vacation slide shows with dramatic flair to family and friends, and he began to grasp the beauty of capturing moments is an editorial sense.