Production Services

CDG Entertainment is a full production services production company and can help with any size production. Over the many years CDG Entertainment has built great relationships with crew, vendors and the LA film permit offices, Film LA. By building these unique working relationships we can provide you everything you’ll need from A to Z when it comes to production. We have many production resources that can be very valuable to any size production.

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production services

gives us a script and we’ll break it down.

  1. pre pro schedule

  2. Casting Schedule

  3. Shooting schedule

  4. Post Schedule

  5. Budgets for all the above

  6. Production Support/Vendors

gear/equipment rentals

Most of our equipment rentals are through private vendors and crew members with their own packages. There are pros and con’s to using personal gear as opposed to renting gear from a large rental house. It all comes down to service. If a camera breaks a large rental house will be able to supply you with another camera package asap. A personal vendor will not likely have two camera packages. (we do use personal vendors who do have more then one camera package and they are our first go to’s)

If you’re from out of town or need more gear we can help. We can align you with the right vendor and gear for all your production needs. The production resources we’ve accumulated over the years come in all shapes and sizes.

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location services


We’ve been doing locations for years and built a larger library of film and tv friendly locations from barns to city skyscrapers. Most of us here at CDG e were born and raised in Los Angeles…which means nothing when doing locations in Los Angeles, it’s too big and there’s always something else to discover. Over the years we’ve covered a lot of Los Awe have a little bit of an insight then most others and we have a lot of connections.