Production Services

CDG Entertainment is a full production services, production company and can help with any size production. Over the many years CDG Entertainment has built many great relationships with crew members, LA vendors and the LA film permit office, Film LA. We can provide you everything you’ll need for a on location or in studio production shoot, from a to z. When it comes to production we have the production resources that will make all producers, lines producers and production managers very happy.


Give us a script, schedule and targeted budget and we’ll break it down and make it happen.

Need some recommendations we can do that too. We’re here to support you and your production.


Budget/Script Breakdowns

Pre-Production Schedules

Casting * Casting Directors * Casting Call Schedules

Locations Scouting

Production Vendors Support

Crew Members Support

Shooting Schedules/Call Sheets

Post Production Support and Facilities On Set and In House.

And so much more.

Most of our equipment rentals are through the industry’s leaders for equipment and services, but we also reach out to private vendors and crew members who own and maintain their own packages. There are pros and con’s to using both platforms. A leading big vendor company can make sure you get what you need when you need it and of course that comes with a cost. Using private gear and services gives the production more flexibility with cost and the ability to work out better cost efficient package deals. This route may cause a problem. If this personal package breaksdown you are in down time until it can be fixed. Then you’ll have to go to a big vendor to get a new package at a moments notice. Just an FYI. It’s rare that equipment goes down because the personal package are well maintained are are even more so because the owner is doing it themselves.

If you’re from out of town or in town and are looking for additional production support we’re always willing to help. We can align you with the best crew members, the right vendors and the perfect production gear for all your production needs. The production resources we’ve accumulated over the years come in all shapes and sizes.



We’ve been doing locations for years and built a larger library of film and TV friendly locations. From barns to city skyscrapers we have a large list of your favaorites and even a few you haven’t heard about. Most of us here at CDG Entertainment were born and raised in Los Angeles, which means nothing when looking for locations in Los Angeles, it’s just too big. There’s always something new to be discover which when we are contracted to do locations we love the challenge. The challenge is to find that unique location that fits the script.

Over the years we’ve covered a lot of LA and have a great insight when it comes to location services. We have a lot of connections in this field and we’re proud of what we’ve built in this arena. Toot Toot!