Christopher G

Owner * Producer * Director

CG has been producing and directing for over twenty five years…yada yada yada. Started CDG Entertainment back in 2015 and has been surrounding himself with real professionals for greater things to come.

Jim S


Passionate about producing? This guy is! Details Details Details is his middle name…We really call him Jim Details Details Details Stoddard. Living, breathing, sleeping production is JS’s life. He can produce any size project and make everyone happy as pie. A good guy that all respect and love. We’re very grateful to have him as a part of the team.

Sergio A

Director of Photography

Sergio has been raisenatived in this business. Hollywood Native he’s worked with the best, the best of the best. We could name drop all day with who Sergio knows and rubs elbows with. Cool cat inside and out. His support for CDG Entertainment is beyond support and we’re accelerating because of his support.

Yoshio K


YK is an amazing editor, no really, he’s really good. He’s now editing stuff for CDG Entertainment and we’re glad to have his editing skills and creative skills . in house with us.



Producing for people raised in Burbank, California is second nature to them. RJ is the prime example of being raised Burbank Production style. Working at NBC in Burbank for the Jay Leno Show right out of High School. Then after a few years went to film school in New York where he honed his producing skills. Robert’s best known for his ability to handle any size Red Carpet event. We’ve snagged him and we’re holding on.

Dan H

Director * Director of Photography

Passionate about visual storytelling, he continued to seek out opportunities to further his ventures in more narrative work. We have teamed up with Dan for the Meet the Miller Family spots for Calix 2018. We look forward to many more projects in the near future.

Larry D

Motion & Print GFX

Larry has been involved in the industry for years creating and designing many great projects. We were introduced to Larry and we’ve never looked back. We’re glad to have him.

Ken L


With a range of experience on such films as The Matrix, Fight Club, and The Cell, Ken created Filmworks/FX, Inc. and immediately began generating visual effects for major studios, which continues to this day: the company has since contributed to such projects as Geostorm, Aztec Warrior, House of Cards, Blue Bloods, Gone Girl, Bag of Bones, Red Riding Hood, The Tourist, Knight and Day, Date Night, The Watch, Hitchcock, as well many others.