CDG is involved in numerous projects, (3) and are expanding to more, (maybe 4). As we build and develope these shows we bring much more then production skills to the table…We bring years of watching TV. Yes we’ve been watching TV for years and feel we kind of know what’s going on, at least we think so.


Charter Wars

We visit five charter captains and explore their daily lives. We’ll experience the many ups and downs of operating a business on a rock in the middle of the Pacific ocean. We get a chance to see the different tourist from around the world and they are the one’s that charter captains seek out to charter their vessels. They boast that they’re the charter that will get them a big game fish a personal desire to catch that monster fish, THE GRANDER.

Maintaining a charter fishing vessel is a daily struggle and trying to keep costs down is the key to success and high revenue. We’ll follow each captain as they hone their fishing skills by watching what the others are catching and what others are not catching.

The drama unfolds between captains in a small harbor like Kona’s Honokohau can be sabotage, back stabbing and guest poaching.  This can turn this tiny harbor into a mini battle field of anglers egos and survival.

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Sexy Chef

The Sexy Chef Wendy label is ready to expand and, just in time, the recent news on CBD and Cannabis has created an opportunity.

15 off-the-shelf product ideas featuring Cannabis and/or CBD will be developed as a proof of concept licensed under the Sexy Chef Wendy brand. To promote and support those products, a series of 5-minute episodes will be produced.

The 12-episode series will feature Sexy Chef Wendy and Chef David Young helping people bring love into their relationships thru food featuring the Sexy Chef Wendy branded cannabis-related products.

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American Farmers

Growing in America, we travel to modern farms to see what American farmers are bringing to the table.