christopher gourlay

principal/creative director/pa

cg has been producing and directing for over twenty five years…yada yada yada…now he’s surrounding himself with real professionals here at CDG. .


jim stoddard

producer/line producer/pa

js was walking the halls of nickelodeon helping produce stuff. he’s been around the production block a few times and now he’s producing stuff for CDG.


steven tallman

partner/creative director/pa

st is a creative director and has held leadership roles in top creative agencies including the entertainment marketing agency. now he’s doing creating stuff for CDG.


yoshio kohashi

post producer/editor/pa

yk is an award winning editor…yoshio you have received awards right? anyway he’s really good and he’s a team player. now he’s editing stuff for CDG.


robert “rj” jarrin


rj started running around the nbc studios lot while working with jay leno, went on to become one of the producers for access hollywood. now he producing stuff for CDG. .


simonne sabato


sb been doing our books for three weeks and she’s good at it…now she does bookkeeping stuff for CDG.


maggie tunnel

accounting/company mother

mt is awesome and is a person you love to have working for you and is a nightmare to work for…now she’s doing accounting for CDG.



margie jones

human resources/backbone of the company

mj hangs out on the eight floor or is it the eleventh, who’s counting. mj knows where the bodies are buried, that’s all i’m saying about that…now she does stuff for CDG.